Richard Ferrarelli

Richard Ferrarelli

My SYOS mouthpiece is a total game changer! With SYOS I have a mouthpiece with the flexibility to give me the power and grit to play in a rock band, as well as the roundness and fullness of tone to sit in an orchestra. Plus who doesn’t like being able to choose the color of their mouthpiece?

Richard Ferrarelli is a founding member and the horn section leader of Big Fat Meanies, an 8-piece band that blends influences from various genres and backgrounds to deliver a dose of high-octane horn-driven progressive rock. Richard is constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries of what sounds he can create, and strives to incorporate new sounds and techniques into the band’s songs, whether they are produced acoustically through extended techniques or with the help of effects pedals and processing. In his own explorations, Richard uses a pedalboard + groove box setup to create ambient soundscapes as well as electric clarinet tracks. He also performs with Lindsey Hutchinson as a part of Morii Duo, a clarinet/bass clarinet project formed with the purpose of performing New Music and generating new repertoire for the clarinet and bass clarinet, with a focus on electroacoustic music.

While not performing with Big Fat Meanies or Morii Duo, Richard teaches woodwinds for Music For Everyone, a Lancaster PA based non-profit. MFE cultivates the power of music as an educational, community building, and public health tool. Through his role as their Woodwind Mentor, he can connect with students in the community and use music as a tool for positive social change.

Richard can be found on social media as "theclarinetandstuff”, where he plays the clarinet (and stuff) while exploring the application of effects pedals with woodwinds, covering and transcribing guitar solos, and noodling in his own unique playing style.

 Richard plays with a Syos custom bass clarinet mouthpiece.