Saxabapt - Syos


I didn't really need a new mouthpiece but I like the Syos concept. However, I was looking for a bass mouthpiece for my contrabass saxophone. So I took the custom-made option. At first, I was a bit confused by the new sound I got (I don't like change very much...), but my new Syos mouthpiece has now replaced my old one for good. Its ease of emission and its intonation accuracy are more than appreciable and it gives more presence to the saxophone sound. Hours of pleasure in perspective...

Belgian artist, Saxabapt is a passionate saxophonist, academy professor in classical saxophone, enthusiastic arranger and Youtuber mainly turned to VGM (Video Game Music) culture.

He dreams of making the term "A Saxappella" enter the dictionary.

Here is already the definition:

"A Saxappella" \a\
adverbial phrase and invariable adjective
- 1. A style of music performed by instruments directly related to the saxophone.
- 2. Said of a musical work performed only with saxophones and saxophone parts.

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