Stéphane Colin

"Sound is the first thing you notice about a saxophonist. With this identity comes continuous research and discovery.

Working closely with the Syos team helped me find the mouthpiece that would allow me to play subtone, but also to be able to vary my sound easily!

I've also been pleasantly surprised to find mouthpieces that are so homogeneous and easy to play, which certainly makes Syos the brand to discover today!"

French saxophonist and composer born and living in Paris, Stéphane Colin trained in jazz and classical music with Sylvain Beuf, Éric Barret and Jean-Claude Forhenbach.

Stéphane Colin has performed and recorded with a variety of bands, including Dee Dee Bridgwater, Rhoda Scott, Miss Dominique, Julien Alour, Eric Le Lann, Fabien Mary, Manuel Rocheman, Nico Morelli...

Involved in lots of projects, he has taken part in numerous recordings, both in quartets and with major jazz big bands.

He is also leader and composer of the Stéphane Colin Quintet with Fabien Mary, Benoit Sourisse, Jean-Michel Charbonnel and André Charlier, with whom he has performed many times in clubs and festivals.

He's also been the leader of the New York Vibes project.

He co-wrote the "Saxophone Go!" method with Nicolas Prost, published by Billaudot. He has also created advanced course modules on jazz phrasing and working with standards for the Imusic-School website.

He is also the creator of "La Minute Saxophone!" on YouTube.

Stéphane Colin plays with four different mouthpiece models, depending on the sounds he wants to get. He alternates between the Tenor Max Ionata 8*, the Alto Jonas Wall 6*, the Baryton Wenzl McGowen 7* and the Soprano Claudia Medina 6*.