Steve Brickman - Syos

Steve Brickman

"Syos mouthpieces make playing a truly inspiring and effortless experience. On top of that, getting to choose what color your mouthpiece is makes the whole experience extra special and personalized. Once I played Syos, my approach changed from how I was physically playing the horn to what I wanted to create musically."

Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and composer, Steve Brickman utilizes his skills of music and storytelling to create a memorable musical experience. He is an alumni of the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami with a dual degree in Studio Music & Jazz Saxophone  and Classical Composition. 

As a composer, Steve's music has been featured in films, superbowl commercials, and video games. He is currently on tour with Clairo (Glastonbury, Radio City Music Hall, The Greek Theatre) and is always ready to collaborate and create with artists looking to build something new.

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