Sumika plays a custom Soprano saxophone mouthpiece by Syos

Sumika Saxophone

Syos mouthpieces are colorful but their sound is even more vivid. Everyone can paint their own music with these beautiful colors.
Luigi Del Villano plays a Syos custom mouthpice on tenor saxophone

Luigi Del Villano

Syos has made true the dream of every saxophonist: a mouthpiece tailored for you!
Masato Jaike plays a Syos custom mouthpiece for tenor saxophone

Masato Jaike

Syos mouthpieces let you have control over the instrument evenly in all registers with consistent feel. I suppose many players have bought dozens of mouthpieces to find the ones that suits them and I was no exception. But the search is now over. Syos mouthpieces have solved the issues I had with the other counterparts, and I think they will be effective for those who have similar problems.They are also great for beginners who are just starting to play saxophone, to have more control without difficulty. We saxophone lovers may have entered a new era. I would like to thank Syos for pointing in and leading us to a new direction.
Todd Marcus Signature bass clarinet mouthpiece by Syos

Todd Marcus

My Syos offers bass clarinetists a unique range of dynamics that are crucial to perform in acoustic settings without a microphone. It has unmatched power and projection necessary to be heard when the band gets louder and tempos are faster but it also has a flexibility that retains the natural warmth of the bass clarinet's tone.
Jim Knight plays a Syos mouthpiece on tenor saxophone

Jim Knight

After being on a Lawton 8 from the age of 16 and never finding anything else I thought I’d give Syos a go. The entire process was brilliant! I’ve been using my Syos on gigs and sessions — not only is it comfortable to play but if I drop it, chip it, lose it, I can get an identical replacement. This is a first in mouthpiece manufacturing as far as I’m aware. It looks great in grey and it sounds killer.
Paul Booth plays a Syos saxophone mouthpiece

Paul Booth

These mouthpieces give me an even tone throughout the instrument, producing a warm sound and yet when I need they really open up, giving me a wide range of dynamics for the varying musical situations I found myself in.
Serge Le Goueff plays a Syos mouthpiece on tenor saxophone

Serge Le Goueff

I can finally hear what I have always wanted to sound like thanks to Syos!
Michael Davis plays a Syos tenor saxophone mouthpiece

Michael Davis

When I first tried a Syos mouthpiece, I approached it with a healthy skepticism as I am not one to frequently change my equipment and was immediately impressed by the tone and response. Syos was great to work with; we tried several adjustments to find the exact sound I was looking for. If you are searching for a new mouthpiece with incredible ease of response and control that can facilitate producing the exact sound you want, I emphatically recommend Syos.
Mariela Versola plays a Syos mouthpiece for saxophone and clarinet

Mariela Versola

I feel and sound like myself on my SYOS mouthpieces. I can take them on any gig or recording session and trust that they will deliver consistency, response, and flexibility. The best of parts of my other mouthpieces without their drawbacks, at a price I can feel good recommending.