Vanessa Collier

Vanessa Collier

I was so surprised the first time I played the Syos mouthpieces because he tone was dark like I like it, intonation was easier to control, and the responsiveness was more immediate. I feel like playing this mouthpiece is the perfect balance of power, control, response, punch, and a dark, luscious tone throughout the whole range of the saxophone. Beautiful sound top to bottom!
Max Ionata

Max Ionata

I’ve to be honest, when I played the first time a Syos mouthpiece, I was pretty skeptical because I didn't imagine a 3D printed mouthpiece could play so well! Together with Pauline, we worked for a few weeks to make the perfect mouthpiece for me and my horn. This piece allows me to play all the notes I think in my mind and for the first time in my life finally, I can just think about playing music!
Bob Esterle plays a Syos alto custom mouthpiece

Bob Esterle

My Syos Custom alto saxophone mouthpiece gives me the sound and response that I couldn’t find in other mouthpieces. It is extremely versatile and I can rely on it in any musical situation from small clubs to large concert performances.
Stephen Gritz King plays a Syos custom mouthpiece on alto saxophone

Stephen King

I have such a deep appreciation for Syos and their mouthpieces. I’ve been able to grow my sound with them as are extremely versatile, giving me the option to pivot and redirect flawlessly when I want to adjust anything with my sound. These are definitely mouthpieces that will grow as you grow.
Sax Serenade plays a Syos Signature mouthpiece on tenor saxophone


Syos is the future of mouthpieces. They designed exactly what I was looking for and I feel happy every time I play. It’s a dream come true!
Temilayo Abodunrin plays a Syos custom mouthpiece for alto saxophone

Temilayo Abodunrin

Syos is the best. The texture and ease of play from low register to high register is unbeatable. I also got to choose colors which are special and unique to me. The ability to customize how I like it makes me feels so connected and in love with my Syos mouthpiece.
Demilade Adepegba plays a Syos custom mouthpiece on tenor saxophone

Demilade Adepegba

I only wanted to test the Syos mouthpiece, but I could not drop it again afterwards, I could hit the pitch perfectly, going altissimo got easier... I concluded in my mind that this mouthpiece is made for me. It is BOLD and fit for a king.
Jeff Coffin Signature Bass Clarinet mouthpiece by Syos

Jeff Coffin

My Syos Bass Clarinet mouthpiece is amazing! I previously had a Charles Bay MOM model but I had a most unfortunate accident and it broke in half after falling. Syos sent me a bunch to try and this one replaced it and I actually like the qualities of it more than the Bay! It’s versatile, it speaks quickly, it’s great for us doublers moving quickly from horn to horn, it cuts, but it has a nice organic sound with lots of overtones. What’s not to like?!? I hope you’ll try it and like it as much as I do…
Flo Blue is a Syos performing artist playing a custom saxophone mouthpiece

Flo Blue

Having the option to create a mouthpiece that's totally customizable is a pretty mind-blowing concept! Your sound on your instrument is so personal, so being able to extend that uniqueness even further through your equipment is a very cool thing. I was able to make a couple of adjustments to both my tenor & alto mouthpieces to get the exact sound I wanted and I couldn't be happier with them.