Ariana Stanberry - Syos

Ariana Stanberry (Tru The Saxophonist)

I absolutely love how customizable Syos is! With the many colors to choose from and the various options available, I was able to select a beautiful mouthpiece-ligature combination that showcases my Jamaican colors. I also love the smooth and warm sound it produces!


Ariana Stanberry also known as Tru is a well-rounded Jamaican/American Alto Saxophonist and a recent alumni of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where she studied Professional Music with focuses in Music Performance, Music Production, and Music Education. While at Berklee, Ariana held several leadership roles including President of the Students of Caribbean Ancestry Club and Vice President of the Black Student Union. Ariana has also performed in various performances and shows with professional musicians and artists in New England, USA.

Some of Ariana’s accomplishments include Best Overall Soloist at the Waterford Jazz Festival, Outstanding Musician at the Berklee Jazz Festival, and Outstanding Musician & Best Soloist at the Manchester Jazz Festival.

Ariana aspires to pave a way for young Black women in the woodwind music world by advocating for women’s rights, gender equality and racial justice through her artistry and her musicianship.