Brendan Ross - Syos

Brendan Ross

My Syos mouthpieces allow me to create warm subtle tones as well as bright punchy tones with little effort. They also feel very comfortable to play on, and working with Pauline and her experts has been an amazing experience. It's amazing to have a mouthpiece that fits my vibe and style like a glove.


Brendan Ross is a saxophonist, singer, keyboardist, composer based in Pretoria, South Africa. He is in high demand as a freelance musician performing for events and shows, and as a band leader.

Brendan spent many years as saxophonist and keyboardist for South Africas biggest international export - Johnny Clegg of Juluka and Savuka.

He has also composed and produced music for many of South Africa’s top television channels and shows. He is currently making an impact as a youtuber focusing on saxophone music.