Iban Lee - Syos

Iban Lee

I've gone through multiple mouthpieces since 5th grade when I started playing saxophone. I have never been able to find the perfect fit until I discovered SYOS mouthpieces. Absolutely brilliant mouthpieces that allow me to play through the full range of the saxophone perfectly. I can articulate and play altissimo with ease as well as maintain a bright, piercing sound that I strive for. Definitely versatile and allows for me to play all styles of music.

Iban Lee, originally from Calexico, California, is a young saxophonist and composer fresh on the scene in Los Angeles. He is currently completing his Bachelor's of Music in Music Performance at the Los Angeles College of Music and studies with Ramsey Castaneda, Bryan Lipps, Ralph Humphrey, Mitch Forman, Jerry Watts Jr., and Tom Luer. He is a Downbeat Magazine Student Music Award representing - Undergraduate College Outstanding Performance (LACM Combo). He is planning on doing his Master’s in Jazz Studies and will be releasing his own album in 2020.

Ramsey Castaneda says, "Iban is one of the most compelling young saxophonists I’ve heard. His performances are armed with a sincere and historically informed sense of melody, an exciting harmonic approach, and a drive to play this music with integrity. These qualities make Iban one of the top young saxophonists to keep an ear on for the future of Jazz."