Dimitris Tsakas - Syos

Dimitris Tsakas

My Syos mouthpiece has got all the top qualities a modern mouthpiece can have such as, flexibility, dynamic versatility throughout the entire range of the instrument and beautiful warm sub tones with a natural flow and minimum resistance. Overall it helps me connect better with my brain and helps me perform the ideas that come naturally to me.


Dimitris Tsakas is well known for working with academy award composer Vangelis Papathanasiou. He is featured as a soloist on his "Blade Runner Trilogy 25th Anniversary" album as well as "The Stephen Hawking tribute",where he plays along the professor's synthesised voice. The music with Hawking’s message was beamed into space by ESA.

He studied under scholarship at Berklee College of Music with masters such as Andy Mc Gee, Jerry Bergonzi, George Garzone and Steve Wilson. Dimitris has been the most recorded saxophonist in Greece for the last two decades, featuring in over than 200 albums across the genres. During the same period he has been a long term collaborator with some of the most established artists in Greece such as Eleftheria Arvanitaki,Charis Alexiou , Demis Roussos and Maria Farantouri.

Since 2019, Dimitris is the cultural director for a series of jazz events at the Goulandris Foundation in Athens, Greece. He is currently writing music for the Athens & Epidaurus festival which is featured in a series of theatrical plays around the country.

As an educator, he teaches Saxophone and Jazz Harmony and he also also gives music courses and workshops all over Greece. The next release under his own name is the album "Back of Beyond".

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