Elisée Defaut - Syos

Elisée Defaut

My Syos Signature mouthpiece meets all my expectations! A pleasure to play on, with a beautiful, rich and centered sound on the whole register, supple when needed... it gives me great freedom to explore the clarinet world!


After starting the clarinet at a very young age, Elisée Defaut quickly became part of different ensembles in various styles of music.

Currently enrolled in a classical training programme, he enjoys trying new things and exploring the many possibilities that the clarinet offers, ranging from classical to jazz, and even Klezmer...

In order to find new and different sounds, he also plays the bass clarinet as well as the saxophone.

Last year, he released his first EP on the clarinet, titled Démence, an innovative blend of Klezmer and Electro. With its uncanny atmosphere, this piece of work is quite impactful.

Elisee is currently working on different projects, and might even release an album before next year!