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Tate Berry

Whether you want to experiment with your own sound or build off the ideas of other artists, Syos pushes mouthpiece customization and possibility to new limits. After years of searching, I have found the best custom-made mouthpieces for me. The Syos team is both skilled in helping me find the setup I want and is extremely kind while doing so.


Tate is a musician and businessman living in Kansas City. Tate grew up in Lansing, Kansas. He participated in several business programs, and auditioned into the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory on scholarship without the assistance of a high school band program.

He plays many different instruments, but he specializes on the saxophones primarily. He is currently a student at the UMKC double majoring in Jazz Studies and Business Administration and will graduate in the Spring of 2023. At UMKC, he has studied under Bobby Watson, Marcus Lewis, and Stephen Martin.

Tate has played with several groups in the Kansas City area of all styles. He has played in multiple rock groups and is currently the Alto/Baritone Saxophonist for Brass Rewind. He has also played with several big bands in Kansas City as well as recorded theme songs for KKFI’s 90.1fm’s Eco radio KC. He is currently preparing to start his own rock/progressive big band and jazz quartet.

As a businessman, he has worked with over 30 corporate sponsors starting in high school and participated in the prestigious Lansing DECA and Marketing initiatives as well. He co-founded the Marketing Leadership Association at UMKC and is currently the Bloch School Student Association president. He also worked as a marketing intern at Future Jazz KC, and through there has worked with other musicians in Kansas City to bring the joys of music to students of all ages.