John Aaron Troy - Syos

John Aaron Troy

SYOS' mouthpieces designs grant me a very unique flexibility, and flexibility is the name of the game when you are hitting in a musical pit one night, doing a bigband the next, or even for a wedding, commercial, or recording setting... The personality of tonality I am afforded also bodes well for improvisation, and leading one's own music. I can switch from a role of accompaniment to that of expressing the sound in my head, translated and communicated through my horns, all of which wouldn't be possible without a SYOS mouthpiece, of course.


John Aaron Troy picked up the saxophone at age 10. He first studied classical saxophone before being introduced to the world of jazz by Dave Schiavone and Bruce Johnston at Fedonia University.

After graduating with a BA in jazz studies (Woodwinds) from Purchase Conservatory, under the tutelage of Eric Alexander, he has been playing and teaching saxophones, flute and clarinet along the West Coast of the United States.

He also performs around the world as a soloist and guest artist in collaboration with various commercial brands, big bands and world cruises.

He has played and studied with Eric Alexander, Christian Scott, Regina Carter, Pharoah Manch, Nick Peyton, Jon Gordon, Jon Faddis, Steve Wilson, Ralph Lalama, Todd Coolman, Tim Armacost, Chris Potter, Tom Harrell, Stacy Dillard, Mike Dubaniewicz, Hal Galper, Arturo O' Farrell, Pete Malinverni, George Caldwell, Vincent DiMartino, and Charles Blenzig.

Because his musicality is ever-evolving, we recommend you keep your ears wide open for John Aaron Troy!

"Mr. Troy is a young man who never showed anything but complete dedication in pursuit of his aspiration to become a better jazz musician or to master every wind instrument when he was studying with me. I've been keeping track of his career since he left university and I can see that his growth has been steady. He is one of those people for whom "sky is the limit", thanks to his talent, but even more so thanks to his humility and hard work."

Eric Alexander