10 Gifts to make a saxophonist happy

10 Gifts to make a saxophonist happy

Christmas is just around the corner and you still don't have a gift for your favorite saxophone player. Fortunately I'm here to help you :)

I created a great lists of gifts that will make any saxophone player happy!

Christmas is just around the corner and you still don't have a gift for your favorite saxophone player. Fortunately I'm here to help you :)

I created a great lists of gifts that will make any saxophone player happy!

Nice Gifts under 50$


Keeping your instrument clean is the most important thing if you don't want to pay big money for repairs afterwards and if you don't want to get sick at some point...

Syos just released a really nice swab that will keep your mouthpiece and neck clean. It works for all types and sizes of saxophones and mouthpieces.

It is also good to have a swab for the body of the instrument, so we recommend the one made by BG in France. You need to choose the right size for your instrument so the swab doesn't get stuck when you use it. This is the one we recommend for alto, and the one for tenor. You can find swabs for all the instruments on BG website.


It's actually impossible to play saxophone without reeds... So a box of reeds will always be useful! But be careful if you buy it as a gift for someone, the reeds come in many different strengths, so you need to find a way to know which strength your loved one is playing!

Then you can check out the Arcane reeds. These reeds are really great, they are really reliable, all the reeds in the box are great (which is not the case with a lot of other brands) and they have a 4,5 rating on our website :)

Reed holder

The Syos reed holder is the perfect gift for a colorful way of storing reeds! The reeds are well in placed, they don't move, and with its bright colors, you will never lose it.

Music Notebook

From the student who needs to write down his daily exercises to the professional, who will use it for composing, any musician needs a music noteboook!

The Syos music notebook is the perfect gift as it is a high quality A5 notebook and it is really beautiful! You can even get an infinite pencil with it, because as we say, "No pencil, no career" 😉. This unique writing instrument is an ecological and sustainable alternative to traditional pencils. How does it work? It has a graphite tip that works without ink, and can write up to 20,000 meters (compared with 200 meters for a conventional model). Practical, it also comes with a protective cap and an eraser to prevent erasures. 

Key Leaves

Rulon launched his company around the same time as we did at Syos, and we have been friends since then :) He invented a great way to prevent saxophone G#, Eb and C# key pads from sticking, by leaving them open to dry. So if you don't want sticky pads anymore, you should get a Key Leaves!


The Syos ligature is a good way to bring color into your saxophone life! This is a really easy-to-use ligature, that holds the reed firmly in place. The alto and tenor ligatures are compatible with most of the hard rubber mouthpieces. But if you aren't sure, don't hesitate in contacting our customer service, they will be happy to help you!

Saxophone Stand

It is always useful to have a saxophone stand. At Syos we like the Hercules stand as it works both for alto and for tenor. It is a little heavy but it really holds the saxophone firmly and it is really stable.


Awesome Gifts over 50$

Clip-on Sax Microphone

When you want to start playing concerts, you will need a microphone. A great entry level clip-on microphone is the Audio Technica Pro 35. It's actually a microphone that Jay, from Bettersax website, used for many years before upgrading to a more professional microphone.

Saxophone Case

Every saxophone player needs a case to carry his/her saxophone. At Syos we love the BAM cases because they have a good quality, they are made in France and they have beautiful colors :) My favorite is this case in mint color.


A great mouthpiece that is easy to play and helps you get the sound you want is the dream of any sax player. So a Syos mouthpiece is the perfect gift! The thing is, it's not really easy to buy a mouthpiece for someone else, that's why we have Gift Cards! You can choose the amount you want, print the card and put it in an envelope under the Christmas tree and you will have the happiest saxophone player ever the next day! The gift card can be used to buy a mouthpiece but it can also be used to buy most of the other gifts I talked about earlier (ligatures, reeds, reed holder, music notebook...). 

I wish you all happy holidays and I hope this list was useful!