A Collaboration Perfected: Patrick Bartley's Signature Mouthpiece is Here

A Collaboration Perfected: Patrick Bartley's Signature Mouthpiece is Here

Want to know the end of Patrick Bartley's signature mouthpiece story? Discover the custom journey and the final stunning design in this second part article!

A few months ago, I told you the story of how Patrick Bartley fell in love with that Syos red mouthpiece. Now it's the time to told you the end of the story....

After playing the two mouthpieces for several months, Patrick told me he wanted to remove some punch on the red mouthpiece, to have a more versatile version of the red.

So this time I did 3 new versions:

- A yellow version where I lowered the baffle just a little (+0.05mm) and increased the tip opening
- A purple version where I lowered the baffle a little more (+0.1mm) and increased the size of the chamber
- A green version where I lowered the baffle more (+0.15mm)

A few weeks after sending the mouthpieces, I received this text message: "I got them and started trying them a few days ago! They are AWESOME. I'm shocked. My favorite is the green one you made. I think that's the closest thing to comfort I've had on any of these. I'm really happy with it. I can't believe how precisely you're able to get my requests done."

I was so happy and proud!

After that, I showed him that we were working on bicolor mouthpieces so we decided his signature mouthpiece would be the first to be released with two colors.
He sent me this beautiful drawing of what he had in mind for the design of his mouthpiece.

And here is the result with the two colors of his band J-MUSIC Ensemble. Pretty good right?

So as you can see, Patrick Bartley's signature mouthpiece is available in two colors configuration: A Sea blue version with black stripes or a Pitch Black version with blue stripes.

This mouthpiece has a slightly lowered circular baffle, which gives projection while keeping a lot of flexibility. It has a medium-sized chamber for a balanced and quite focused sound.

This mouthpiece is available for alto saxophone through that link: https://syos.co/products/alto-signature-saxophone-mouthpiece-patrick-bartley