Hi there!

Today I sent you an email with 3 anecdotes and asked you to find the one that wasn't true. Let me show you the results:


Story 1

One day I received a call: it was Tivon Pennicott, telling me that he was in Paris in order to record Gregory Porter’s new album. Gregory wanted some soprano sax on a song but he didn’t have a soprano with him. So he was at Sax Machine shop trying to find a soprano sax to rent and he needed a mouthpiece. I grabbed a few soprano mouthpieces that were in his music style, took the subway and met him there. We spent a few minutes trying the mouthpieces and the different saxophones and then quickly took a cab back to the recording studio in Saint Germain. 5 minutes later he was recording a great solo with his new Syos mouthpiece!

👉 This anecdote is actually TRUE.

You can hear his beautiful solo (on this Syos mouthpiece he just tried a few minutes before) at 3:30 on this video:

I was on the studio when they recorded it, it was such a great experience!

We haven't released his signature mouthpiece on the soprano yet but you can check his signature mouthpiece on the tenor.


Story 2

I was at Birdland in New York, making Anat Cohen try mouthpieces in the dressing room. At some point a woman came because she wanted to use the restroom. Before leaving the room she stopped, shook our hands: “Hi, I’m Norah, nice to meet you!” and left. I stayed for the show that night, it was Jesse Harris’ 50h birthday show. After a few songs he welcomed on stage….Norah Jones…. That was when I realized who I just met a few minutes before 🙈

👉 This anecdote is also TRUE.

As you may have guessed, I don't have a selfie to a attest it 😆


Story 3

Rock en Seine, the biggest music festival in Paris, in 2017. I was in contact with Terry Edwards who played with PJ Harvey that night (I’m really into indie rock music and she is one of my favorite artists, so big deal!). I arrived at the festival with a backpack full of mouthpieces. The guys who were checking the bags weren’t too happy about it but I was finally able to enter! I succeeded in finding Terry in the pit in front of the Timber Timbre show (that was quite easy, he was the only guy in a suit!). And we went backstage to the big stage to try some mouthpieces. He liked them very much! We had to stop because the Kills just started to play (I love that band too so it was crazy to see them FROM the stage 😎). And a few hours later, Terry was playing his blue Syos mouthpiece on the PJ Harvey show!

👉 This anecdote is... TRUE. Yes sorry that was a new joke, this time everything was true!

And you can even see Terry's crazy rock solo at 53:38 on this video:

2017 was the early years of Syos so I was ecstatic when I saw my mouthpiece on the big screens!

I hope you loved the game and my stories 😊

Have a great day!