Pop Meets Jazz: The Magic of "With ensemble"

Pop Meets Jazz: The Magic of "With ensemble"

Pop goes jazz! Witness the captivating transformation of "So Addictive" as Reina Washio joins forces with "With ensemble" for an intimate, saxophone-infused performance.

Imagine a place where magic happens. A place where artists come together and music comes to life in a new and unexpected way. That place is "With ensemble".

The concept is simple: Artists from all walks of life collaborate with an orchestral ensemble to create unique performances. It's an opportunity for them to revisit their songs and explore them in a new light, accompanied by the power and beauty of the orchestra.

More than just a concert, "With ensemble" is a true experience. It's a musical journey where the audience is invited to be swept away by the emotions and creativity of the artists. It's a chance to discover unknown talents and fall in love with music in a new way.

The performance of "So Addictive" by Reina Washio and Kohei Ando is a perfect example of the magic of "With ensemble". Reina Washio's captivating voice blends with the smooth and soulful melody of Ando's saxophone, creating an intimate and vibrant atmosphere. We rediscover this pop song in a totally new light in this stripped-down jazz version.

I had the chance to meet Kohei Ando last year in Tokyo. His talent and kindness immediately impressed me. I'm very happy to see him playing his Syos mouthpiece in this video just a few months later. 

I hope you enjoyed this video, and for comparison, here is the video of the original song.

So which version do you prefer?