Syos is 7 years old!

Syos is 7 years old!

August the 29th is Charlie Parker's birthday, but it is also the day when, in 2016, the Syos company was officially incorporated!

So many things happened in seven years! Today I would like to share with you the most memorable events of those years.

August the 29th is Charlie Parker's birthday, but it is also the day when, in 2016, the Syos company was officially incorporated!

So many things happened in seven years! Today I would like to share with you the most memorable events of those years.


We met so many musicians this year! In our first incubator in the center of Paris, we would meet all musicians in the building basement. That's actually where we got our first article in one of the biggest french newspaper! By the way, you can still see that video on Le Monde's website. We look so young with Maxime! And the mouthpieces look so... OLD... A few months later we were in another incubator in the north of Paris and that's where I met Dayna Stephens, Daro Behroozi, David Liebman and many others for the first time!


2017 is the year of the independence, when we moved to our own office, where we are still now. But we've had to do A LOT of renovations in this place, and it was quite a nightmare to handle all the mess but we finally did it 💪

It looked really bad!
Hopefully it looks better now :)

It's also the year when we hired of first employees! A great step in the story of Syos!

And it was also the year when we first got on national television!


It's the year we went to our first NAMM! We were all the way at the back of the Convention Center but we were so happy to be there and we received great feedback from all the musicians we met there so it was awesome!

I also went to New York for the first time and met Tivon Pennicott and Chad LB.

In 2018, we also released our first signature mouthpieces


2019 was the year we launched the Crazy Roulette! It was a special offer were you could get a mouthpiece with a 50% discount but with a random color! And that was definitely our craziest offer! It only lasted for 48h but we got hundreds of orders, something we never had before! So it took us more than 3 weeks to make and ship all the orders, but at the end everyone was really happy and it was really funny to see all the unboxing videos of people discovering their color on the social media!


I had the privilege to be invited to be part of the french delegation at the G20 of Young Entrepreneurs in Fukuoka in Japan. I took the opportunity to organize several workshops in Japan and South Korea that were much more successful that I would have imagined! I had a really great time and I could meet Daniel Ko, Sunjae Lee, Yu Kuga and many more artists!


2020 was the year of Covid... It was a difficult year for everyone but we manage to keep having fun despite the situation. Especially with the Syos challenges that were a breath of fresh air and of so much fun! We had such a great time!

On this challenge people had to recreate a scene from a movie with a saxophone...

2020 was also the year we released our clarinet mouthpieces!

It was such a creative year! We did videos with a lot of Syos players from all around the world: first, a version of "Alone Together", and then "Blues for Alice" to celebrate Syos Bird's day ;)


2021 is the year of renewal with the launch of or new material: the SCAL3D. As you know, at Syos, we always want the best for you and we always want to improve our products. So in 2021 we changed all our machines for a new fleet of better precision machines. And to work with these machines, we spent 18 months developing the SCAL3D with a french laboratory. Result is great with mouthpieces that are now smoother than ever! But that doesn't mean we stopped searching. We are still testing new solutions and we may bring you new stuffs soon....

And with all these new machines, we had to expand! So we opened a factory in the north of Paris.

We also released our new line of Syos Originals, that soon became our best sellers!


In 2022, we released the Arcane reeds, great cane reeds made in partnership with Rigotti in the south of France.

We spent more than 6 months working on a new website, that we released in September. That was really a lot of work but we really like the result! I hope you like it too :) But the work is never over, and we are working everyday to add some features on it. For example, did you see that we recently added Apple Pay as a payment method? By the way, if there is anything you think we should improve, on the website, or anywhere else, don't hesitate to let us know.


Now it's time to celebrate and we are really thrilled to present you this special Birthday video that Saxabapt made with A LOT of Syos mouthpieces! Syos mouthpieces of every sizes, from the really tiny one that we use as key holder to the very very big one that we still haven't found a saxophone to work with... And also the ones with the crazy designs that our machines invent sometimes...

Happy birthday Syos! I'm so proud of everything we accomplished so far, and I'm looking forward to everything we will do next!

Thank you for following us, thank you for being the best customers, thank you for your support within the years. Everything we do, we do it for you ♥️