Celebrating 5 Years of Syos with Dan Forshaw!

Celebrating 5 Years of Syos with Dan Forshaw!

Celebrating 5 years of rocking Syos mouthpieces, Dan Forshaw spills the tea on how we helped him conquer intonation, range, and ditch the mouthpiece struggle. Check out the vlog and see if Syos can unlock your musical potential too!

Hey there, saxophone enthusiasts! Today, we're celebrating a fantastic milestone – five years of collaboration with the incredible Dan Forshaw!

To mark this special occasion, Dan recently released a great video. In it, he opens up about his saxophone journey and how Syos mouthpieces have played a key role in his success.

Dan's Journey with Syos

Many of you might know Dan's struggles with intonation, range, and the constant battle he felt with his previous mouthpiece. In his vlog, he shares how discovering Syos was a game-changer!

Why Dan Loves Syos

Dan highlights how Syos mouthpieces helped him achieve consistent intonation, effortless playing, and the freedom to explore the full range of the saxophone. He even mentions how much he enjoys the vibrant colors, with his signature red, white, and blue design holding a special place in his heart.

Dan's Signature Syos Line – A Collaboration We're Proud Of!

We at Syos are incredibly proud to have worked closely with Dan to develop his signature mouthpiece line. These 3D printed mouthpieces, available in a variety of colors, reflect Dan's unique playing style and preferences. 

If you want to check them out, follow the following links:

Is Syos Right for You?

Dan's experience is a powerful testament to the impact a great mouthpiece can have on your playing. If you're looking to improve your intonation, expand your range, and experience a smoother, more enjoyable playing experience, then Syos mouthpieces could be the missing piece you've been searching for!

Join the Conversation!

Head over to Dan's vlog to learn even more about his experience with Syos. He also discusses his love for Yanagisawa saxophones (especially soprano!), his go-to classical alto mouthpiece (Selmer Concept), and his dream of recording a ballads album. He's even asking for your input on the format (CD, vinyl, digital – what do you think?).

So, there you have it! We at Syos are thrilled to celebrate five years of collaboration with Dan Forshaw. We're also excited to see how Syos mouthpieces continue to empower saxophonists of all levels to reach their full musical potential.