A One-Man Saxophone Section: Stéphane Colin Explores Syos on Every Horn

A One-Man Saxophone Section: Stéphane Colin Explores Syos on Every Horn

Dive into the world of a phenomenal jazz saxophonist! Stéphane Colin, a multi-instrumentalist and educator, takes you on a musical journey, playing all parts of a big band arrangement – from soprano to baritone – and reveals his secret weapon: Syos mouthpieces. Watch his impressive performance and discover how he achieves his unique sound!
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Today, I'd like to introduce you to the fabulous work of Stéphane Colin.

Stéphane was born in 1974 and began playing classical piano at the age of 6, before developing a passion for jazz and tenor saxophone. After studying in Paris and Bagneux, he won several awards and diplomas, including the MIMA. Since 1998, he has been involved in a series of musical projects and album recordings, collaborating with renowned artists such as Dee Dee Bridgewater and Miss Dominique. At the same time, he teaches saxophone at the Conservatoire de Chennevières-sur-Marne, and has even written a saxophone method with Nicolas Prost.

I've been in contact with Stéphane for many years, but it was only recently that he started playing with Syos mouthpieces. But once convinced on his tenor, he adopted Syos on all his saxophones!

Here's a good video example:

I'll let Stéphane give you a little more detail on this video:

"A year ago, I decided to expand my work on saxophone phrasing by replaying big band tutti such as Count Basie, Quincy Jones and Gordon Goodwin. The idea was to play all the positions on a saxophone desk, with the 2 alto parts, the 2 tenor parts and the baritone part.

Sometimes I took the original arrangements, or those of colleagues, and sometimes I arranged them too.
In this case, it's a song by the vocal group "Take 6", "Come Unto Me". I took the opportunity to use only Syos mouthpieces on all the saxophones.

On the soprano I use a Selmer Mark VI Soprano saxophone with the Syos mouthpiece "Claudia Medina" opening 6*. I use a Selmer Super Balanced 1949 for the 1st alto and a Selmer Série II, with a Syos "Jonas Wall" opening 6 for both. I use a Selmer Super Balanced 1947 for the 1st tenor and a Selmer Cigarcutter 1933 with a Syos mouthpiece "Max Ionata" opening 8 for both. On the baritone I play a Yanagisawa baritone saxophone with a Syos mouthpiece "Wenzl Mcgowen" opening 7.

Enjoy your listening! See you soon on my YouTube channel and at Syos!"

Don't hesitate to subscribe to his Youtube channel, where he publishes "La Minute Saxophone", a hundred very short videos to learn everything about the saxophone!